Shawn B testimonial

So tomorrow will be two weeks since my microdiscectomy with Dr. Binder and I couldn't be happier with how everything has gone. The entire staff has been very helpful and responsive via phone and their email portal. If you need a neurosurgeon, Dr. Binder is AMAZING in my book.

When I made my appointment, I was given a slot about a month later. Since I was in considerable pain, the receptionist had me send my MRI for Dr. Binder to review to see if it was an urgent matter. The next business day, the office called asking me to come in the following morning.

Dr. Binder was very kind and understanding and allowed me to record our appointment because I was alone and afraid I'd miss something. He explained why I was in such terrible pain and gave me two options... I chose the surgical route ASAP to avoid any permanent nerve damage and Dr. Binder said they'd schedule it as a top priority. With insurance and everything it was still another 3 week wait.

Now it's finally done and I can walk! I get to return to yoga very soon! I'm soooo happy!!! If you're in need of a microdisectomy, don't wait until you have permanent damage.... just do it and you'll be able to get back to living life ASAP. Sure, it's scary... but you'll be in good hands.

  • Shawn B

Benjamin P testimonial

Benjamin P testimonial

I’d like to highly recommend Dr Binder!   I went to Dr. Binder after seeing several doctors for the sever back problem I had.  Dr. Binder is the only doctor that gave me serious consultation and detailed advice as to the problem, the surgical procedure and how surgery would correct the problem.  

At the age of 55, Dr. Binder highly recommended that I commit to the surgery since I was still relatively young and in good shape.  He told me he would make me better and back to the highly active life style I have always enjoyed. At the time, I was very hesitant since the prior advice I received was dire and to wait until I couldn’t stand the pain or do anything.  Dr. Binder’s advice was contradictory to this. He was positive and very enlighten to fix the problem, so I could get on with my life.  

Once I had the surgery I could tell the difference.  At the time, I maintained a journal of my progress so to now reflect and see what I did is amazing.  At first, I could only walk a few yards but within weeks I was walking miles and riding my bike again.  Within three weeks I hiked 9.2 miles up Saddleback mountain with hiking sticks (My wife wasn’t too thrilled about this excursion). Three months later I organized a 100-mile bike ride with my bike group to San Diego.  But the biggest challenge was yet to come.  

When I first consulted with Dr. Binder, he promised I would once again do the Boston Marathon.  I liked the challenge and took this on as a goal to prove him right. Eleven months later after my surgery I completed the Boston Marathon unbeknownst to Dr. Binder.   At my one-year appointment after surgery I presented a nice gift to Dr. Binder from the Boston Marathon to thank him and to show the gratitude I had for his confidence, consultation and craftsmanship, but most of all, to fulfill the promise.  

Two years ago, I decided to get back into Triathlons, so I competed in the half Ironman in Arizona and came in 8th place for my age group.  Five-years later, at the age of 60, I’m still extremely active with my outdoor activities.  Life is good thanks to Dr. Binder.  

  • Benjamin P